After Wedding - Paul Petrut
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After Wedding


An After wedding session is a photo session with the groom and bride, taken post-wedding.
Unlike an engagement session, you will dress again with your wedding attire,
and you will do it sometime after the wedding.
It can be the next day, the next week, the next month, that part depends on schedules.
The point is, you plan to dress up again and spend your photo time on a day that ISN’T your wedding day.
You can call in a Post Wedding Session, After Session, or an Adventure Session.
Can take place in the honeymoon or a simple city break that you take woth your partner after the wedding.
If you choose a place like Barcelona, London or Lisbon ,
you must take in consideration the crowds and prepare to wake up at 6 a clock in the morning
and get out for the shooting.
Also in this period of time it is the best light you can get for beautiful pictures of you adventure shoot.