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Pre Wedding


A pre-wedding photo-shoot is referred to as an engagement shoot.
Usually takes place three to six months before the wedding day.
Though pre-wedding shoots have become a necessity for most,
a lot of couples have started debating on whether or not they should have one.
Many couples think has no use at all. Well, for those who think so, they might be wrong.

An engagement shoot can help you in a few ways.
Helps you build a good conection with your photographer,
especially if is the same photographer who will document your wedding day.
You will feel comfortable and also get to know his shooting style.
For the photographer, it’s also a good way to get to know more about you as a couple.

Pre-Wedding styles
Many couples and photographers have come up with diffrent styles of pre-weddings.

You have the TRADITIONAL style, wich is about your roots , culture that you will implement in yor photos.

The GLAMOROUS is about fancy dresses , suits and grand locations, showing class with in the pictures.
The couples who choose this style may probably want to show elegance , luxury and
sophistication. You will choose iconic landmarks, beautiful landscapes and stunning locations.

The CASUAL STYLE is oposite of glamour. It is the closest approach of simple and modest.
In this concept THE BRIDE can wear simple dresses and the groom easy shirt.
For this photo shoot you can come with the first date scenario and be more natural style.

Another one can be a THEMATIC one
For this concept you can wear thematic clothes that has a specific theme.
For example vintage clothes and try to look like in the 20s or you can simply choose a movie theme.

Pre wedding means preparations with many months before choosing the concept that suit´s you the best
also the country and places that you love most and you want to immortalize.