Wedding day - Paul Petrut
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Wedding day


The most important part of a wedding is the wedding day.
Why do i think so is because the emotions are there, the real feelings are there.
This is the day when the real things happens and the most critical is the fact that nothing can be repeated.
That´s why everything must be somewhere close to perfect. In this day you have to be there with you heart and soul
deeply and enjoy every moment as much as you can.

Here comes the photographer´s part which is he must be everywhere,but not in your way .
He must capture it all..all the moments that are important to you and the sory of this day.
The perfect timeline for the wedding day, from the photographer view is somewhere between 7-10 hours.
In this hours we will cover everything chronological.

We start with the getting ready of the bride – details like the dress ,jewelry , shoes, bouqouet
Then The bride get´s dressed and we capture this stage and show how much beautiful bride is.
Followed by some portraits after she finish dressing , also with the bridesmaids having fun and drink shampagne.
Also we take some family and friends photos in the end.

Similar thins happen with the groom.
We will photopgraphing the groom details like the suit, shoes and getting dressed starting from the shirt.
After will do some artistic portraits portraits of him. Also with family and friends there.

Next we have the first look.

This is an emotional moment, usually a private moment between the bride and groom.
Here we have to prepare a few things like the best spot and the light and a little scenario.

The following step will be some portraits with the couple together depending of the time we have.
Then the rest can join and have some fun while we take photos with them and you.

After this we have the ceremony.Usually here we go to inspect the place and prepare.
Here comes the big part of the bride when all eyes are on you while walking down the aisle and
the groom is waiting impatient while we capture his reaction.

Finally the party where you have a few drinks ,music ,dinner ,firts dance, Cake Cutting,
Bouquet Toss and Garter Toss.
We stay aside and capture it all for you !
Of course, we will have a drink too !